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We have just released DROP 4 as a made-to-order launch, and with it, we've had many questions from you, so we've written this blog to explain why we've taken this approach, and how it works.

In its simplest form, rather than mass-producing sneakers in advance, we only produce what is ordered. On-demand production is a significantly more sustainable method for us to manufacture sneakers, with virtually no waste, and no excess stock, which means we can also release more new styles for you on a regular basis. It's a win win.

Excess stock and fabric waste can have a significant impact on the environment; other brands have been known to burn or dump surplus materials in landfills

But the benefits don't stop there. By waiting for orders to come in before producing, we ensure that we only make what you want. With made-to-order production, we can respond directly to your demands and create a more efficient and sustainable supply chain, and then pass the savings onto you directly from the get-go.

That's why we're encouraging on-demand sustainable shopping - with an offer of a 25% discount at launch, which runs until April 21st 2023. This discount will then drop to 12.5% after two weeks when the first batch starts production. Be aware, though, that the quantities in each size after the first two weeks will be much more limited as the production date has closed, and we've already placed the order.

All orders are then produced with a delivery date of June 25th, 2023. After this date, any excess products (kept for exchanges, or that are returned) are full price. This approach ensures that we only produce what is needed whilst still providing you with a clear timeline for when your sneakers will arrive.

We believe this approach sets us apart from other brands and highlights our commitment to sustainability in the fashion industry, but we'd love to hear your thoughts below in the comments!

You can shop the latest collection below or by clicking here - but note this first! We've made it eeeeasier than ever to secure your size now by simply paying a deposit up front to reserve your slot in production, and then you can pay the remainder on delivery.

There are no fees for using this service, and there are no late fees - it is not a buy now pay later service, and is instead handled directly by us - so if you miss the payment date, no worries! Just be aware that your order won't be shipped until the due amount is paid.

Deposits also include the 25% and 12.5% discount, so why not? :)

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