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Here at Trash Planet, we've been working with our manufacturers, suppliers and workers involved in our supply chain to make sure they have COVID-19 protocols and risk assessments in place at their facilities. The health and wellbeing of everyone involved in the production of our footwear is a priority to us.

We launched Trash Planet just before the pandemic in February 2020, so we initially had a lot of struggles moving forward with the production of our footwear as we left the design stage.

However, the excellency of everyone involved meant that the negative impact of COVID-19 wasn't severe. Whilst some of our suppliers and factories did face closures in the peak of the pandemic due to infection, case rates were low due to proper health and safety procedures in place. 

Despite the closures and delays that we have faced, we have been committed to working with our manufacturers and suppliers during this difficult time.

We're committed to: 

1. Supporting workers' wages by honouring our commitments - of all orders placed by Trash Planet during and prior to the pandemic, 100% have been completed and paid for on time to ensure stability.

2. Ensure workers' rights and safety are respected, alongside social distancing.

3. Providing safety with medical grade masks and sanitiser at each facility.

Workers who were/are effected by COVID-19 were/are able to safely self-isolate and were/are entitled to sick pay.

When our manufacturers have been affected by COVID-19, they have closed for the recommended period of two weeks from infection. 

If any worker has or had symptoms or concerns around COVID-19, they are/were advised to seek a medical professional and not come to work to minimise the risk of transmission to others.

We are committed to continuing to provide support to our factories as this global health crisis continues.

You can stay up to date on our statements here.