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We've made a YouTube channel to talk about all things sustainable, fashion, and more.

Play along with us as we decide whether these shocking statements about the fashion industry are TRUE or FALSE. Fast fashion gets a bad rep, but is it really only fast fashion companies that are part of the problem? To spice things up, we created forfeits if we got the questions wrong... we feel like it is easy to feel like you are being preached to about sustainability.

As a result, we have tried to make this informative and fun! We find out which brands are guilty of burning unsold stock, contributing to the deaths of thousands of innocent and underpaid workers, dumping hundreds of thousands of tonnes of garments into landfills and overall exploiting and destroying our planet and its inhabitants... some of the culprits may shock you, some may not, brands such as H&M, Louis Vuitton, Zara, and Bennetton have been caught red-handed, but for what...... watch to find out!

It's time to rebel against the big corps that have taken advantage and time to start supporting small and local businesses that have ethics and sustainability at the heart of them - not for profit! So far, our sustainable footwear business has taken us on a crazy journey from the UK to Porto in Portugal in a £200 car and we're still here fighting off the coronavirus pandemic to see it through. We're juggling everything as a two-person team; from social media and website design all the way to financial projections.

It doesn't get much crazier. Let us know your thoughts on our first video and what you'd like to see next! We want to keep creating here to just make what we do more transparent.

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